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4116 Wheeler Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304

PHONE: 703-212-6677
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Logan Sausage Company has been family owned and operated for over 20 years dating back to 1987 when Cliff and his wife Bonnie founded it.

The inspiration originated within a tiny kitchen located in Alexandria, Va where Cliff and Bonnie had been testing their innovative spirit after retiring from long careers in the grocery food business. With the help of a friend who was a longtime butcher and their numerous connections in the food community, Cliff and Bonnie rapidly built up an extensive catalogue of authentic, ethnic and old world style recipe sausages to offer their discerning clients. Soon the phone was ringing off the hook with new business.

We were on our way!

Today, the Logan's dedication to quality and authenticity has brought their products to nearly every grocery store and wholesale distributor in the Baltimore-Washington area. This same dedication has been especially well appreciated among the region's diverse ethnic populations. 

Logan's sausage and chorizo can be found in nearly every ethnic grocery store in the Baltimore-Washington Area.